Monday, September 29, 2008

14 out of 60

"Roll no 28?"

"Yes sir?"


" "

"14 out of 60"

"Roll no 29?"

"Yes sir?"

"52 out of 60. Good."

Unfortunately roll no 28 was mine. The subject was Mathematics. Standard was 10th. Exam was preliminary.

Fortunately it was the day when first, papers are only shown to students, 1 week prior to the results to be declared and parents are invited to view the papers. (That was great funda of my school that I didn’t like for obvious reasons this time.)

On the way home after the school, there were 10^2 thoughts why students all around the world (world was limited to 4 schools where my pals were studying and we all had same feeling about the subject.) hate mathematics.

In the evening union after I described my problem,
Ank: “Have u told home?”
Me: “No”
Bha: “Don’t worry yaar, this is just preliminary. You will definitely get good marks in board exam. You always get good marks among us.”

But my glorious score (14/60) had put all of them and me in doubt.

4 days later

It was the day when results were to be declared. And I had the famous “stomach pain” from the morning to avoid the news as much as possible. So I got my bunk approved from mom and dad. Dad suggested he can collect the result from school if required.
Forgetting my “pain”, I jumped out of bed and said, “No dad, you please don’t bother abut that. They may give me tomorrow. And this Saturday anyway we have to go and see the papers.”
Dad said, “Yes, that’s true.”
I said, (in prayer mode): “Yes, that’s true. O teachers; cancel the plan of showing papers for this year at least.”

5:55 pm the same day

I saw Hiren coming toward our home with the broad smile on his face. I knew he was a regular failure, and he must be happy this time that I am accompanying him. He stopped in front of the gate and before I can kick him away, he shouted: “Navneet, why didn’t you come to school today! You got 14 marks in maths.”

There was no question mark in the first sentence he uttered.

After the dinner the same day

I declared the result to my parents. (Mom was not home when Hiren shouted.)

No scolding.
Only few questions.
My honest answers.
New plan to study maths.
Hard Work. (not mine)

Result: 97 marks in maths board exam.

Many asked how i did that. i remembered one famous line :

In Mathematics you dont understand things, you just get used to them.