Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Recycle, we have to.

Is it true that when someone asks us to do something in a voice of 'advice', someone inside us tells us to not to follow just because it has not come from you but 'someone' has told you to do so. why should you do that? i think upto some part it is true. i would feel 'go away man. do u think you are smarter than me? i know what to do.'. may be it is my immaturity !
i hope this article would not turn out a 'advice'.

while googling 'recycle' i found one particular title which said. 'Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.'
yes, thats what we need to do. no options. i am confident that we are aware of why we need to do that. All that 'green house effect' and 'global warning' and 'go green' practices we are hearing from sometime!!

-your bike/car usage. if your office is near to your home, get yourself your childhood dream. Get a bicycle.
-print a document if it is really required. (No, office people have not told me to put this point.)
-USE coffee cup, dont WASTE. it is true that paper cups are recycled. But if we are recycling things before they are fully utilized then its waste of energy.
-for those whose work is related to computers or in that case any machinery which uses electricity, should shut down them at end of the day/when not be used for long time.
-at traffic signals, if by timer or any other mean we can predict our halt to be longer than 60 seconds, we must put the engines at rest. if it is less than that and we are using battery to start the vehicle than it is again waste of energy. (in that case use kick-start, aha!)
-no one uses the carbon filament bulbs nowadays. if by chance you are using it, its time to upgrade to 'CFL'. i thought i m not using filament bulbs anymore, but suddenly now i remember our gallery has the filament bulb. Today is its last day, promise!

-See this video. Its funny. Its good. Its appealing:
-paper. If we are explaining or giving address or doing some mundane calculations, we can definitely use back of printed paper.
-plastic bags are easy but messy for mother earth. buy a canvas or other material shopping bag which can be reused.
-avoid paper napkins(even it is given free at office/food joint). hmmm..okay if not avoid than we can try to minimize! use your hanky whenever possible. we can reuse it, remeber?

I dont know exact difference between 'reuse' and 'recycle'. i think if you have to do some processing before you use items again is recycling. And simple, reuse is reuse. In that case the above video has to be on 'recycle' part.

how to recycle tea bags? how to recycle bath mat? how to decorate using recycled items? how to recycle tinsel? visit 'RecycleThis'
Visit this which says 'Recycle or go to hell'.

Reading this may be easy but following will be hard as always. Start with one thing and when it becomes a routine, add one more.

To put the end, Gandhiji once said,

'We should not use the natural resources like our forefathers have gifted us, but like we have borrowed it from our future generations.'.