Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HalfWorld Conspiracy

One of the time pass here in China is to get together in somebody’s room after office and share all the mitha-mitha experience of the day. The experience mostly centered around conversations with Chinese colleagues. Here is one.


One of our teammate had come from Shenzhen to our place Nanjing from last 2 weeks. His Chinese colleague-cum-friend(let’s call him John) was asking him to visit Nanjing Memorial Hall, which was built in remembrance of Japanese Invasion and massacre in 1937. This friend of mine could not go in the weekends. Next Monday he faced the question why he had not visited the place from John.

John again explained him how to reach there. And even offered to go with him in case it is difficult for Abhijit to go alone!

Abhijit could not understand why John was so enthusiastic for him to visit the place, so he directly asked John. Here is John’s explanation in his words(Well almost).


"You see. The place is very nice but not so famous. I ask everybody to go there. You specially go. You go without forget. You see, if all Chinese and Indian people have seen the place, Means half the world has seen the place."


Aaila! The guy has a vision.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vegetarian Chicken

I, being a vegetarian, have many times received requests to taste chicken with argument that it’s a vegetarian chicken. They are joking of course.


Last weekend we visited Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple. Me and my wife were among few vegetarians in our group. My wife spotted a sign board “Vegetarian Restaurant”.


Now to understand the emotions we felt at that time, imagine this: You are in a country where people don’t distinguish food by Vegetarian Food or Non-vegetarian food. Food is food. You are eating rice and some sabji (with no masala.  No salt. No nothing. Only boiled vegetables). Now you are roaming in some city from the morning and its almost afternoon and you haven’t taken anything other than pulpy orange gulps. Now you are in the sacred place of Buddha temple, and there is Vegetarian Restaurant signboard! Just part of the temple itself.


Sometimes some things can’t be expressed in words. For me this was one of the times and things.


We decided to have lunch at the restaurant immediately after we are done with the temple.(I even suggested to have lunch first and then continue for temple, which was rejected even before I finish the sentence.) The pakka non-veggies in our group also got ready to accompany us. May be Buddha had his magic on these guys.


After finishing the temple visit,

we took chairs on the restaurant.

Got the menu.

Saw the menu.

Got shock of lifetime.

Took some photos.

Left the place.





Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Sankalp

1.       Finish my old (last year’s, last to last year’s and last to last to last year’s) Sankalp(s)

2.       Keep one resolution secret from everyone until its achieved. This gotta work! Learned from Sayesha