Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not a hero

In a movie scene the lead actor, who is playing a firefighter, explains his 11 year old how to use the complex looking emergency equipment to come out their burning house. His talent was expressed the way he communicated to his daughter to operate the equipment. Of course, his experience as a firefighter made it a little easier for him. Cries of the child, nicely shot fire scene and thrilling music; the end makes the actor a Hero.


What will I reply to my daughter on phone, should she be in some trouble related to my profession. "Oh dear, dont panic. Its not that difficult. press ALT+CTRL+Delete buttons on your keyboard twice and you are out of that trouble." ?


Makes me hero ? Not even close.



Sunday, March 14, 2010

Space Invaders

From last few months, my laptop is giving warning of little space left in my hard disk.

A detail investigation revealed that the culprit is a large number of photos. First round of rescue happened by giving some of the photos the death sentence. (dafa charso do ke tahet saja-e-maut)

Even after that the health of hard disk didn’t improve much. A more detailed investigation gave more clues.

Most of the images were holding size of 2 to 3 megabytes. A cost-cutting strategy was being forced upon the photos. This outsourcing  task was given to tools like Picasa, Microsoft office picture manager, since I am not the expert in more professional tools.

None gave me the desired result.

Then I tried the college-time old technique to reduce the size. I opened the image in MS Paint and just saved it! Bingo. The size reduced by almost 70%. I tried with different photos. Each time the result was anywhere from 60% to 85%.

Its working, but is not efficient. I have to open each file and save it again, consuming around 8-10 seconds per photo. Considering the large number of images I am holding, it’s not looking practical.


I want tool to do the mass-killing of the used space. Google searched gave me some tool. But either it was demo version showing a big watermark in my photos or simple “image resizer”.

Anyone knows any solution for this ?


Until the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ is found, the single shot diet plan will continue.