Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Folder

How many "New Folder" do you have in your system?

Does it indicate we are not efficient in managing data in our system?

I've got 8. How many you've got ?

Try searching !

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

She was She

My Love,

This is the first time in our 10 years of life together that I have picked up a pen to write to you. And that too now, when we are no longer together. We spent ten long years together! Very few such relations last so long these days. And I am glad we did.

I still remember the day when I first saw you. I was with my father in the market. And you were standing in that big store of our town. I didn’t know what you were looking at, but you were looking straight in one direction undisturbed by the gazes of almost everyone who were passing from there. That image of yours was captured in my heart forever. From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I was sure that you were the one. Soon I came to know that you were a relative of that big store owner. And I started planning to de-relate you from him and make you a part of my family. I was not sure if you even noticed me then, but was sure you would someday soon. From that day I started praying God every night to roll the things in our favor.

When I first mentioned you at home, not everybody was happy. Papa was OK but mom was reluctant. May be she was hesitated by the thought of expenditure for our possible union especially when she came to know that the big store owner was your relative. But slowly I was able to convince her. Rest of the arrangements with your parents went very smoothly. And to my parent’s and somewhat mine surprise, the store owner uncle played a very positive role for that. Do you remember during all these days we could manage to meet only at the store and I didn’t know much about you. I was very curious but there was no way. The store owner uncle (I really keep forgetting his name. You know that I am weak at all this) would not allow you to come out with me.

Finally after 2 months the day came, when you became part of our family. God had really rolled out the things pretty fast. You remember how my mom and sister welcomed you. How that Shweta auntie and other neighbors were peeping in to have a look at you. They couldn't believe the amount we spent on the event. (My mom kept telling them.) But there you were, entering our home with me as gorgeous as you were when I first saw you. May be more.

In those few days I was not sure whether I was living my life with you or roaming in some dreamland. We couldn't go out to some far place immediately, but we made it by going on long rides everyday in the evening. Do you remember we used to go visit my friends and I am sure many of them were jealous of you being with me. And sometimes I enjoyed that.

We both were young and had to make it in our life. I had to travel to this new city far away from our home. I promised to get you there as soon as possible. But that soon came only after 2 years. You never complained. Many times I couldn't go out with you despite promises, because of my new job. Every evening when I got back from work, I would find you as I left you in the morning, smiling. Many times I promised myself to go for a short ride with you after dinner every night, but like many of my other promises they never got fulfilled.

They say you realize someone's value, after someone leaves you. I don't know about others, but that's exactly what has happened to me. Now that you are not with me, and this time I think forever, I miss you a lot. A lot. I know now it’s too late from my side to save the relation, but dear bicycle I miss you a lot. I know you might not have been willing to depart from me, but its God’s will. May be the person who stole you from my home needs you more than I do. I hope and am confident that you will serve your new master well. Give me a smile if you see me somewhere on the road. You are my first love and will always remain.

*Based on a true incident.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 States

This Sunday I bought the "2 States: The Story of My Marriage" the new book by Chetan Bhagat. I was expecting better from him this time compared to his last two misadventures, but to my surprise the book was much much better !

Yes, one sort of sequel to his first book, this book is full of dialoguebaji, real life experience that you dont put in words but Chetan Bhagat can, a very little masala(this was the expectation anyway!), exploration on Tamil vs Punjabi culture, what the big banks have to offer at workplace, etc etc.

The story starts when an IIMA boy, Krish, falls in love with an extra ordinary beautiful IIMA girl Ananya(extra ordinary by IIMA standards). Krish is son of a retired Punjabi armyman and hardcore punjabi housewife. Ananya is from a Purest of Pure Iyer Brahmin cast in Tamilnadu.

Dont care about the end, whether it is happy ending or sad ending. Chetan has made sure that the path upto the ending is exciting. (Read:its not the destination that matters, its the journey.) Its the story of the same boy who has his stunts during IITD in 'Five Point Someone' and is now participating in the second at IIMA. Arguably the story line resembles Chetan's own life, as his real life wife Anusha is from Tamilnadu and himself from Delhi.

Overall its a very good book. I would give 4.5 out of 5 to this.*

*About the rating trust-ability of my rating, 'Five point someone' has been given 5/5, 'One night @ call centre': 3/5 and 'Three Mistakes': 2.5/5.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Diwali Photographer

After the digital camera has made it very easy to shoot as many pictures as you want with almost no expense, I realized that I too have a 'hobby' for photography. Adding to this, many of my friends asked me how I took one of the photo I posted on orkut.

Result is this post.

Here is how:

To take the photo you need: one candle, one sparkler, one digital camera and one person to take the picture (provided that you want to be in the photo rather than taking it.)

For the camera setting, keep the camera in shutter-priority mode and make the shutter speed low. For the above photo it was 1/4 second.

Now light the sparkler in the middle. (The usual practice is to light at the tip, but we need double ring effect, right?) This will cause the sparkler to have 2 burning ends starting from middle and going away from eachother.

Now band the metal end of the sparkler a little so that it is easy to 'rotate' the sparkler in your hand. Now rotate it and ask the camera man to take few pictures. Select the best of them to show your friends.

Few more photos taken during diwali vacation.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wadali Brothers

2 weeks before we were watching 'Lil Champs' on Zee TV, (one of the rare program that me and my wife can manage to watch together). On 29th August, the guests were Wadali Brothers. In the end, they sang one of theri best song, "Tu Maane ya Na Maane dildara" and it was a superb show.
I searched on youtube and here is the result for those who like Sufi.
There is no real video. A song embedded with image to be put on youtube I guess. Anyway enjoy the song!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

New Launch

Two weeks ago I started a new blog to put the content for reading which I liked from net or fwd emails. My idea was to put everything that I like to read including quotes, stories, jokes anything for reading. But so far most of the items have been only good jokes.

I decided to put a post everyday(only on working days!), and so far I have not missed any day starting from 5th June. Lets hope everybody get their daily dose of good read regularly.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Pahechano Kaun

After almost a decade, and following some learning from learn-to-draw, today I created my first drawing. Its far from what can be called even a good drawing.

I asked Purvi to recognize the face. After few try I told that this person is on the front page of today's Times of India.

After comparing the photos, she said, "yes, exactyly he is. Just need to improve little on the right ear, left cheek, upper head and lower lip."
She liked the eyes and suit anyway.

From her feedback I am just postponing the question to be asked to anybody for a few days.
Here is my creation.
He is not Andrew Symonds after a hair-cut.


Friday, June 5, 2009

An Incident

Raat ke 2 baje patni apne pati ko gahri neend se jagati hai.
"Sunoji! Koi darwaje par hai!"
"Itni raat gaye kaun aa gaya? Theek hai, dekhta hoon."
Pati uth kar darwaje tak jaata hai aur usey kholta hai.

Dekhta hai ki eksharaabi moosladhaar baarish mein khada hai.
Sharaabi bola, "Bhai sahab!Jara dhakka laga doge?"
"Dimaag kharaab ho gaya hai?" pati bhadka,
"Raat ke 2 baj rahe hain!".

Pati darwaza jor se band karta hai aur wapis bistar par aa kar let jaata hai.
"Kaun tha?" patni ne poocha.
"Koi sharaabi tha. Dhakka lagane ko bol raha tha."
"Tumne kiya?" wo boli.
"Nahin! Raat ke 2 baj rahe hain aur baahar itni tez baarish ho rahi hai!"
"Lagta hai tum apna samay bhool gaye.
Yaad karo jab teen mahine pahle hamari gaadi kharaab ho gayi thi aur un do aadmiyon ne hamari madad kithi.
Mere khyal se tumhein uski madad karni chahiye."
"Tum sahi kah rahi ho. Mujhe sharm aani chahiye.
Main abhi baahar jaa karuski madad karta hoon."

Pati dhuandhar baarish mein ghar se bahar nikalta hai.
Andhere mein wo ussharaabi ko dhoondta hai.
"Hello! O bhai shahab! Aap abhi bhi yehanho?"

"Haan" ek kone se aawaz aayi.

"Kya tumhein abhi bhi dhakka lagwana hai?" pati bola.

"Haan! Shukriya.!" andhere kone se sharaabi ki aawaz aayi.

"Tum ho kahan?" pati ne poocha.

Jawab mein sharabi ki awaaz aayi

"Yahan! Idhar jhoole par."

*drag between the tow "" to know !

what a mail I got today. May be the best Friday mail in a long time.
Cheers to all Bewadas !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Please Explain

Last week it struck again. From a long time I am not able to figure out what following lines(red and bold) mean in the song?
Here is the full lyric of the song "Oh mere dil ke chain" from the movie "Mere jeevan sathi"

Oh mere dil ke chain
chain aaye mere dil ko dua kijiye
apnaa hi saaya dekhke tum jaane jahaan sharma gaye
abhi to yeh pehli manzil hai, tum to abhi se ghabra gaye
mera kya hoga socho to zara
haai aise na aahe bharaa kijiye

Aap ka armaan aap ka naam mera tarana aur nahin
in jhukti palkon ke sivaa dil ka thikaanaa aur nahin
jachta hi nahin aankhon mein koi
dil tumkho hi chaahe to kya kijiye

Yun to akela bhi aksar girke sambhal sakta hoon main
tum jo pakad lo haath mera duniya badal sakta hoon main
maanga hai tumhe duniya ke liye
ab khud hi sanam faisla kijiye.



Monday, April 20, 2009

Donating Accessories

One of my colleague today had an idea for Eye Donation. (Remember that ad of Aishwarya Rai in which she asked to donate your eyes after your death, so that someone can see the world from your eyes? Ye ankhen hai duniya ki sabse khubsurat aankhen! that one.) So I accompanied the colleague to one of the Eye Hospital. The lady at reception made her fill up some form and asked me if I also wanted to donate my eyes.

I asked, "Do I need to donate my spectacles also if I donate my eyes?"

I didn't get the form.



Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wednesday On toh Mobile Off

After trying for a day, now its final. Every Week, Wednesday On toh Mobile Off !
When you got admitted to hospital for few days, and have nothing else to do other than watch glucose entering your body drop by drop from bottles and think over on some weird ideas. The situation gets more interesting by the fact that each drop takes 6 seconds to enter your body and one bottle is full of 4200 drops.

One of the weird ideas to be implemented was to reduce the amount of time you spend with your mobile. Now see, the mobile is with us 24 hours by 7. In the morning it wakes you up, reminds you your important dates, put you through voices and messages important to you(with some exception of credit cards and personal loan voices!). For some lucky people their company bars the use of mobile phone inside the office premises. But otherwise its always with you.

No more now. In the effort to reduce my friendship with my mobile, one day of the week is dedicated to "No-mobile-today-no-matters-what". And the day is Wednesday. And if it will permit, the other days of the week can also join with Wednesday !


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Special

What is the best timepass for the weekend after crushing ur head with tons of software code??

-Sleep till 11 in the morning.
-Go jogging.
-Watch a Movie.
-Go shopping.
No, get inspiration and then,
ladies and gentleman , here introducing the weekend special chef!

Item No:1 "Bhakhari Pizaa" (ભાખરી પિઝા)

Step 1
Prepare chopped tomatoes, capsicum, onion.

Step 2

Prepare bhakhari, a little thicker than normal.

Step 3

Fry the onion+tomatoes+capsicum+sauce(optional) with butter/oil.

Step 4

Spread the fried material on the bhakhari. u can spread cheese and other topping if required.

Step 5

Relish !

Item No:2"Dabeli"
Get dabeli masala(kuchh fame, available at many places). When u next time goto Gujarat remember this!

Go for shopping. But 2* packets of pav. (*conditions apply).


Boil potatoes in cooker. Peel them. Mesh them. Add dabeli masala. Add chilly. Again mesh them. The height of dabeli taste is directly proportional to ur ability of meshing ! If u can mesh it properly, u have won half the war.


Cut the pav. Put the aloo mixture in between. Now the remaining half battle starts. Put oil/butter on the pan and fry the prepared pav. Don't forget to "push" the pav, that's how it becomes dabeli !! make sure it doesnt get burnt.


Get ur self sauce(best enjoyed with khajur-amli ki chatney) and enjoy the hot dabeli. Toppings(sev, anaar, onion) will increase the taste.

Precaution: Keep the digestion tablets handy.

And after all this, u will get a more activity to bust the blues, write a blog about ur kitchen adventure!!