Saturday, December 27, 2008

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Recycle, we have to.

Is it true that when someone asks us to do something in a voice of 'advice', someone inside us tells us to not to follow just because it has not come from you but 'someone' has told you to do so. why should you do that? i think upto some part it is true. i would feel 'go away man. do u think you are smarter than me? i know what to do.'. may be it is my immaturity !
i hope this article would not turn out a 'advice'.

while googling 'recycle' i found one particular title which said. 'Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.'
yes, thats what we need to do. no options. i am confident that we are aware of why we need to do that. All that 'green house effect' and 'global warning' and 'go green' practices we are hearing from sometime!!

-your bike/car usage. if your office is near to your home, get yourself your childhood dream. Get a bicycle.
-print a document if it is really required. (No, office people have not told me to put this point.)
-USE coffee cup, dont WASTE. it is true that paper cups are recycled. But if we are recycling things before they are fully utilized then its waste of energy.
-for those whose work is related to computers or in that case any machinery which uses electricity, should shut down them at end of the day/when not be used for long time.
-at traffic signals, if by timer or any other mean we can predict our halt to be longer than 60 seconds, we must put the engines at rest. if it is less than that and we are using battery to start the vehicle than it is again waste of energy. (in that case use kick-start, aha!)
-no one uses the carbon filament bulbs nowadays. if by chance you are using it, its time to upgrade to 'CFL'. i thought i m not using filament bulbs anymore, but suddenly now i remember our gallery has the filament bulb. Today is its last day, promise!

-See this video. Its funny. Its good. Its appealing:
-paper. If we are explaining or giving address or doing some mundane calculations, we can definitely use back of printed paper.
-plastic bags are easy but messy for mother earth. buy a canvas or other material shopping bag which can be reused.
-avoid paper napkins(even it is given free at office/food joint). hmmm..okay if not avoid than we can try to minimize! use your hanky whenever possible. we can reuse it, remeber?

I dont know exact difference between 'reuse' and 'recycle'. i think if you have to do some processing before you use items again is recycling. And simple, reuse is reuse. In that case the above video has to be on 'recycle' part.

how to recycle tea bags? how to recycle bath mat? how to decorate using recycled items? how to recycle tinsel? visit 'RecycleThis'
Visit this which says 'Recycle or go to hell'.

Reading this may be easy but following will be hard as always. Start with one thing and when it becomes a routine, add one more.

To put the end, Gandhiji once said,

'We should not use the natural resources like our forefathers have gifted us, but like we have borrowed it from our future generations.'.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One line about one one-liner

We all must have received one-liners about recession but this one in today's newspaper is the best that i 've received.

"The financial situation at the moment is so bad that women are now marrying for Love!"


Saturday, November 8, 2008

See Nothing But Photo

While visiting Ootakamandalam aka Ooty some time back one board caught the 'eye' of my camera.
A good way to convey message, i m going to follow that.

*For those who cannot see the lines or image properly. drag between the two " " below.

"Leave nothing but your footprints."

"Take nothing but your memories."


Friday, November 7, 2008

Family That Strikes Together

It was the vacation time and we were all together in the afternoon at our family "hinchaka". Dad were giving advise on something and my sister was arguing pointlessly.
Dad got irritated and said at last, "listen, i have seen more diwalis than you."

Sister struk, "Papa, you may have seen more diwalis than me, but i have put on more firecrackers than you!"

poor papa!


Unlike me, my sis hates plain milk. so when she gets up early in the morning to study her medical epics, mom prepares her a big glass full of milk.
irritated enough, one day my sis said, "Mom, i dont want it. nobody is going to be benefited from that milk."

Mom said, "Bachubhai will get benefited! now drink it all."
Bachubhai is our milk-supplier.

poor my sis!


it was the saturday afternoon and i prepared the tea, with the tea powder we got from OOTY some times back.
i prepared and got some afternoon snacks and set it all for purvi.
while she was having the first sip, i said "that tea is from OOTY", expecting some good feedback for this once-in-a-week-tea-maker-hubby.

"Oh, its still hot"

poor me!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Short and Sweet

Some of the jokes i liked while reading on net, receiving in mail or via sms.


begger: give me 5 rupees mam.
mam: you are so young and healthy. you should do some work and earn instead of begging.
begger: mam, you are also so beautiful that you should be in film industry.
mam: ok. ok. i dont have change. keep this 10 rupees.


judge: order...order...whoever makes a noise now will be put outside of court.
"hip hip hureey........" yelled the accused.


person a: "i have invented a thing by which a person can see through a wall".
person b: "wow !! what is it?"
person a: "window"


lili murdered her husband and court ordered her death sentence.
lili said to judge "pity my lord....i am a widow."


conductor to passenger: "Mr, you cant smoke in bus."
passenger: "But i m not smoking."
conductor: "You have cigarette in your mouth.'
passenger: "so what? i have shoes in my legs but you see i m not walking"


husband: "i have brought this diamond necklace for your birthday!"
wife: "wow! but you promised a car"
husband: "yes, but i couldnt find a duplicate car"


Munnabhai: "Circuit, Why this dog is shaking its tail?"
Circuit: "Come on bhai, now tail cannot shake the dog no"?


A Kanjoos to his son: "You idiot, before marriage only you have spent 1200 rupees on her."
son "Sorry dad, but she had only that much money."



what did the kangaroo say when she found her baby missing?.
Aaila!!!! kisine mera pocket maar liya


5 Lovable wrds-"I will top my class"
4 pleasant wrds-"I will work hard''
3 sweet wrds-"i love studying''
2 spl wrds-"my books"
1 important wrd- "later "!!


Name the animal which is exactly like dog but walks on three legs ?

What is the answer.?!!

Langda kutta


Thief with knife: Tera paisa nikaal!!
Man: Do you know who I am? I'm a Politician.
Thief: Acchha? To phir MERA paisa nikaal. :-)


Nepali ko chirag mila, jin ne 3 wish diye.
Nepali: 1. Ek bada bangla. 2. osh me khoob daulatwala aadmi 3. uskha gurkha humko banao.


Monday, September 29, 2008

14 out of 60

"Roll no 28?"

"Yes sir?"


" "

"14 out of 60"

"Roll no 29?"

"Yes sir?"

"52 out of 60. Good."

Unfortunately roll no 28 was mine. The subject was Mathematics. Standard was 10th. Exam was preliminary.

Fortunately it was the day when first, papers are only shown to students, 1 week prior to the results to be declared and parents are invited to view the papers. (That was great funda of my school that I didn’t like for obvious reasons this time.)

On the way home after the school, there were 10^2 thoughts why students all around the world (world was limited to 4 schools where my pals were studying and we all had same feeling about the subject.) hate mathematics.

In the evening union after I described my problem,
Ank: “Have u told home?”
Me: “No”
Bha: “Don’t worry yaar, this is just preliminary. You will definitely get good marks in board exam. You always get good marks among us.”

But my glorious score (14/60) had put all of them and me in doubt.

4 days later

It was the day when results were to be declared. And I had the famous “stomach pain” from the morning to avoid the news as much as possible. So I got my bunk approved from mom and dad. Dad suggested he can collect the result from school if required.
Forgetting my “pain”, I jumped out of bed and said, “No dad, you please don’t bother abut that. They may give me tomorrow. And this Saturday anyway we have to go and see the papers.”
Dad said, “Yes, that’s true.”
I said, (in prayer mode): “Yes, that’s true. O teachers; cancel the plan of showing papers for this year at least.”

5:55 pm the same day

I saw Hiren coming toward our home with the broad smile on his face. I knew he was a regular failure, and he must be happy this time that I am accompanying him. He stopped in front of the gate and before I can kick him away, he shouted: “Navneet, why didn’t you come to school today! You got 14 marks in maths.”

There was no question mark in the first sentence he uttered.

After the dinner the same day

I declared the result to my parents. (Mom was not home when Hiren shouted.)

No scolding.
Only few questions.
My honest answers.
New plan to study maths.
Hard Work. (not mine)

Result: 97 marks in maths board exam.

Many asked how i did that. i remembered one famous line :

In Mathematics you dont understand things, you just get used to them.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Promise Unbroken

This entry is entirely dedicated to remind me that I promised myself to put a blog AT LEAST once in a month.

Ambition is poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

Mu ha ha ha ......and u thought there will be something in this entry. No blog slog, I m busy with the green fields (khetar) / farms at my uncle's place.

Solitude at its best !!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

श्री श्री रविशंकर Aashram

So this sunday it was 'Sree Sree Ravishankar Ashram' of 'Art of living’ fame. This center is Head Quarters of 'Art of Living.' (Source: Wikipedia)

Location: From bangalore, its on kanakpura road. Its 11 KMs From JPNagar junction on Kanakpura road. Our bike showed 22.2 KMs on tripmeter from Kormanagala BDA complex to the Ashram parking'.
Food: Yes
Loadging: Yes
How to reach: Bike/car is the best. Alternatively you can take BMTC bus or private bus also.

From the main road, we could see only the big round structure of 5 storey. It was of the shape of humm.......i think Lotus.(Its not that building is not constructed properly, its just that I am poor at building shapes.)

After going inside, we found there is a big builiding of 4 storey where people can stay. They conduct "Shibir" which last for many days and people can stay here.

When we reached on the top of that round building and had a look at the sun, it was a spectacular view.

At some distance there was a small lack and a house with so many trees around. In the background there were small hills full of trees. It was not the evening exactly and we had to leave immediately, but i could imagine how nice it would look in late evening.

May be someday i will go for the shibir and i can get late-evening and early-morning view from there.

Till then have some photos...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Most Irritating Phrase

Pehla Nasha Pehla khuma(n)...naya pyar hai naya intezaar.
And I picked up the phone after my filmy ringtone. Was a school friend who is now in the city. He wanted to know if I had any book on "Advance C".

I said No and then came the most irritating phrase, "Aur bata, kya chal raha hai?" (And, what else is going on?)

Dhoom. Dhoom. Dhoom.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hw mch u knw abt India?

The other day I was going through the "Apps" in the "Orkut" and i played for DDLJ and bingo !! I scored 100% since there was only a single question. I came to know that i can create a quiz also so I took the chance :)

OK, so now the topic. On which movie the quiz to be made?
Sholay? Na...its already there.
Why movie? Lets make it on our country India, my heart said. And here is the result

Dont forget to reply ur score.
This post is for publishing self work !! A bad way but let it be.

Hasta La Vista

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Create CON folder on PC

Ever received mail saying some genius Indian found that one cannot create folders named 'CON', LPT1, COM1, etc and this even cannot be answered by Bill Gates ??
Here is a way to create a folder named 'CON' on your computer and impress ur peers !

STEP1: goto command prompt
STEP2: type in prompt e:\> "mkdir file://.e:/con"
STEP3: verify by typing "dir file://.e:/con"
STEP4: delete the file or folder "rmdir file://.e:/con"

Enjoy !!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 Things About Bangalore

10 Things About Bangalore I noticed in first week.
-When you go out, make sure you have something to save you from RAIN, its regulary irregular in Bengalooroo.
-Lot of gardens as this is Garden city, but at most of the places sitting or walking on grass is not allowed.
-You will find lady conductors in city bus service.
-Ladies here will put Veni or गजरा in the hairs.(Not much in office.)
-You will find a big number of juice shops(and liquor shops)
-restaurants will be closed after 10.30 in the night, so get ur table early if you are plannig to have food outside.
-Heavy traffic
-Fresh RANGOLI everyday morning at the gate of the home, though with simple white colour.
-People here will prefer if you use your right hand while handing over or taking money, gifts, etc.
-People here put 'H' as suffix if your name ends with 'T' or 'D', (my name is Navneeth in many of the documents!)
-If you are travelling with your own vehicle, make sure that you are aware of return route and one ways. You willend up getting scoldinga from fellow drivers if u r struck on the way making decision which way to go !

OK...I found only 9 :)
20th May, 21:20, gHAR,
Signing Off

Friday, May 16, 2008

My new blog...the iWay

After a long search for a JAKKAS url for blog, i started my first blg at but was not catchy as per my AATMA ki AAWAAZ, so i created a new one, the iONE. yes, now it is

Anyway, i have still not decided what can be put into this new blog(nor i was sure for my old blog)....Lets see.
Thanks every existing blogger for not selecting this url.....sorry for future bloggers :(
Bangalore, 16th May, 20:39.
Signing Off