Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Special

What is the best timepass for the weekend after crushing ur head with tons of software code??

-Sleep till 11 in the morning.
-Go jogging.
-Watch a Movie.
-Go shopping.
No, get inspiration and then,
ladies and gentleman , here introducing the weekend special chef!

Item No:1 "Bhakhari Pizaa" (ભાખરી પિઝા)

Step 1
Prepare chopped tomatoes, capsicum, onion.

Step 2

Prepare bhakhari, a little thicker than normal.

Step 3

Fry the onion+tomatoes+capsicum+sauce(optional) with butter/oil.

Step 4

Spread the fried material on the bhakhari. u can spread cheese and other topping if required.

Step 5

Relish !

Item No:2"Dabeli"
Get dabeli masala(kuchh fame, available at many places). When u next time goto Gujarat remember this!

Go for shopping. But 2* packets of pav. (*conditions apply).


Boil potatoes in cooker. Peel them. Mesh them. Add dabeli masala. Add chilly. Again mesh them. The height of dabeli taste is directly proportional to ur ability of meshing ! If u can mesh it properly, u have won half the war.


Cut the pav. Put the aloo mixture in between. Now the remaining half battle starts. Put oil/butter on the pan and fry the prepared pav. Don't forget to "push" the pav, that's how it becomes dabeli !! make sure it doesnt get burnt.


Get ur self sauce(best enjoyed with khajur-amli ki chatney) and enjoy the hot dabeli. Toppings(sev, anaar, onion) will increase the taste.

Precaution: Keep the digestion tablets handy.

And after all this, u will get a more activity to bust the blues, write a blog about ur kitchen adventure!!