Monday, July 5, 2010

Future Car Pool Station (CPS)

Here is a new Car Pooling Concept which tries to solve traditional car pooling problems (what if one of partners is late? What if one of partners is not coming at all? What if one of partners is asking to wait? What if the car owner is not going to office today? How to share the money precisely?). You are going to read a future billionaire’s new blog post. Be attentive before reading further!

You leave from your office in your car. You drive to CPS-12, the nearest Car Pool Station numbered 12. You enter the station and swipe your CPC or Car Pool Card at the entrance gate. The machine at the entrance gate reads your information. The machine knows where exactly you are going after office, (Here is the catch, but leave it aside now!) that is to your home. Now it calculates the route, from the station to your home. Now it opens list of people who at that time are present in the CPS-12. These people are not the station employees but normal commuters. Each commuter has one CPC. While entering the station they have to swipe the card the way you did. The CPS computer will then know, where each passenger wants to go. Now the computer lists out the people whose destination is on your way. It picks the 3 commuters who can be accommodated in your car. By the time you reach a special platform just outside the waiting lounge, you will find the 3 people already waiting for you, thanks to the CPS’s instant mobile message system. At the platform they again swipe their ‘prepaid’ CPC to a special machine who deducts some amount based on their destination. Then before starting the journey, you also swipe your card at the machine, which will credit some amount based on the number commuters you are carrying. You get out of the CPS and drive towards your home dropping the 3 commuters on your way.

Wohow! its over. its simple.

You save on car running cost by sharing.
They save money and time.
We save the environment.

Any takers?