Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One line about one one-liner

We all must have received one-liners about recession but this one in today's newspaper is the best that i 've received.

"The financial situation at the moment is so bad that women are now marrying for Love!"


Saturday, November 8, 2008

See Nothing But Photo

While visiting Ootakamandalam aka Ooty some time back one board caught the 'eye' of my camera.
A good way to convey message, i m going to follow that.

*For those who cannot see the lines or image properly. drag between the two " " below.

"Leave nothing but your footprints."

"Take nothing but your memories."


Friday, November 7, 2008

Family That Strikes Together

It was the vacation time and we were all together in the afternoon at our family "hinchaka". Dad were giving advise on something and my sister was arguing pointlessly.
Dad got irritated and said at last, "listen, i have seen more diwalis than you."

Sister struk, "Papa, you may have seen more diwalis than me, but i have put on more firecrackers than you!"

poor papa!


Unlike me, my sis hates plain milk. so when she gets up early in the morning to study her medical epics, mom prepares her a big glass full of milk.
irritated enough, one day my sis said, "Mom, i dont want it. nobody is going to be benefited from that milk."

Mom said, "Bachubhai will get benefited! now drink it all."
Bachubhai is our milk-supplier.

poor my sis!


it was the saturday afternoon and i prepared the tea, with the tea powder we got from OOTY some times back.
i prepared and got some afternoon snacks and set it all for purvi.
while she was having the first sip, i said "that tea is from OOTY", expecting some good feedback for this once-in-a-week-tea-maker-hubby.

"Oh, its still hot"

poor me!