Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Final Laugh

I got a company on the vegetarian-front on my last visit to china. To have discussion on non-veg vs veg food is always endless, sometimes funny and never satisfying.

Once we were having dinner with chinese colleagues and it started again. Me and my friend were the only fighters from veg-front.

Chinese colleague: "so you dont eat non vegetarian food ?"
Me: "no."
Cc: "not even chicken ?"
Me: "NO ! it IS considered non vegetarian."
Cc: "ohhh" (and continued on his chicken tikka)
(3-4 minutes pause and some other discussion)
another Cc: "so why dont you eat chicken? You dont like it?"
My-bro-in-arms: "oh yes i like chicken!"
(i was like 'huh dude ! What are you doing??')
He continued: "in fact i love chicken, and thats why i dont eat them."

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  1. I faced a similar incident...
    I had gone to a crude carrier ship for a day and the crew was a mix of Ukrenian & Russians...
    It was really hard to make the Ukrenian chef understand that vegeterian and Vegetables are two completely different things & there are people who survive without meat...
    When i asked for the options available for lunch he started with "BIP"... I asked him thrice and the answer was the same "BIP... Sir BIP" in a typical Russian Ascent... Finally frustrated with my various interpretations of "BIP" he put both his hands on his head like the horns of a cow and said Bhooooooo... Finally i understood asked "Beef"... he said "Yes Yes BIP" & we had a good laugh...
    Eventually I settled for Bread Butter & Jam & he asked very casually "Would you like to begin with chicken soup!!!!!!!"

  2. I love vegetables as well. What should I do?

  3. lol :)
    Chinese have veg-chicken as well!